Synthesis Of Super absorbent With High Absorbability From Poly(EthyleneGlycol) Methacrylate-Acrylic Acid-AcrylamideTerpolymers

Author(s): Yuhong Zhang, Leming Wang, Xiaohong Li, Peixin He

The superabsorbent resin was synthesized based on poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate(PEGMA), acrylic acid(AA) and acrylamide(AM) by inverse suspension polymerization. By plenty of trial and error in previous works, we used mono-octadecyl phosphate as the dispersant to stabilize the suspension systemeffectively. In addition, the monomer we employed, PEGMA, also took a role as dispersant, this resulted in the shortage of mono-octadecyl phosphate to reduce the consumption of raw materials effectively. The effects of temperature, the concentration ofmonomers, the dosage of initiator, crosslinking agent and marcomonomer on the absorbency ability were studied. At the same time, the kinetics of swelling also was studied. The maximum absorption of the resin reached 930mL/g and 94mL/g for deionizingwater and 0.9wt%NaCl solution, respectively.

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