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Synthesis of Graphene via Exfoliation of Graphite by Electrochemical Method

Author(s): Sunny Goswami*

Graphene has become a promising material for many different applications, such as nano electronic devices, physical, chemical and biochemical sensors, transparent conductive films, clean energy scavenging and storage devices and nano composite formulation. Recently gas sensing as a critical application intelligent system, is receiving increasing attention in both industry and academia. Sensing application using graphene sheets as transducer have experienced surge of activities in recent years, especially for gas sensing platforms and electro chemical sensing, because of high electrical conductivity and high surface area of graphene. Furthermore, proper functionalization of graphene enables enhanced selectivity. In this work we investigate the synthesis of graphene by exfoliation of graphite by electrochemical method. It is the thinnest material in the universe and strongest ever measured. The characterization of the graphene is done with XRD.

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