Synthesis of adsorbent materials based on polyaniline and agriculture waste by soaking method for removal heavy metal ions from solution

Author(s): ThiTot Pham, ThiThanhThuyMai, MinhQuy Bui, ThiXuanMai, Thi Binh Phan

Composites based on polyaniline (PANi) and agriculturewaste (peanut shell (PS), rice raw(RR)) prepared bysoakingmethod for removalCd2+ and Pb2+ ions fromsolution. Itwas found by IR-spectroscopy a clearly presence of PANi in composites. Their mophorlogical structurewas shown in nano range due to SEMand TEMimages. Cd2+ and Pb2+ ion concentrations in solution before and after adsorption process on those compositeswere analysed byatomic adsorption spectroscopy. Themaximumadsorption capacities of Pb2+ (185.1852mg/g) and Cd2+ (131.5789mg/ g) ions onto PANi-PS were higher than those onto PANi-RR (158.7302mg/g and 93.4579mg/g for Pb2+ andCd2+ ions, respectively).Their adsorption process occurredontobothcomposites fittedwell intoLangmuir isothermmodel also.

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