Synthesis and Characterization of ZN Doped Li Ni0.3Mn0.3Co0.3 O2 as Cathode Materials for Li-Ion Battery

Author(s): D. Deivamani, P. Perumal, A. S. Enigo Chitra and M. Boomashri

In this study an attempt has been made to improve the capacity of layered Li Ni0.3Mn0.3Co0.3O2 cathode materials to meet increasingly demanding requirements for energy storage is the development of suitable cathode material by Zn doping. Zn is employed as an additional dopant to synthesize a series of Zn-doped Li Ni0.3Mn0.3Co0.3-x ZnxO2 (x= 0, 0.01 & 0.02,) cathode materials. Zn doped Li Ni0.3Mn0.3Co0.3-x O2 cathode materials for lithium ion battery were synthesized by sol-gel method using metal acetates as precursor. The sol-gel process involves forming the concentrated sol of the reactant and converted it to a semi rigid gel. The formed gel was dried at 150oC for 12-hours and decomposed at 400oC for 5-hours. Amorphous precursor was calcined at 800oC, 1000oC for 10-hrs. The structure and electrochemical performance of the calcined cathode materials were characterized by TGA, Scanning electron microscope (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD).

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