Synthesis and Characterization of Analogue of Heulandite Zeolite used as Catalysts in Cannizzaro Reaction

Author(s): Priya Pawaiya, Vandana Swarnkar and Radha Tomar

Heulandite was synthesized in the laboratory by hydrothermal method using sodium tri-silicate and aluminum nitrate as silica and alumina source. The calcinations of synthesized material were carried out at 540oC and sample was characterized by different techniques such as powder X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD) and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). p-nitrobenzaldehyde used as an intermediate for the production of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals was synthesized by Cannizzaro reaction by refluxing in DMF solvent, where p-nitrobenzaldehyde was converted to p-nitrobenzyl alcohol and p-nitro benzoic acid by self-oxidation-and-reduction. Effect of various reaction parameters such as reaction time, molar ratio of reactants, and weight of catalyst and reaction temperature were studied to optimize the reaction conditions. The optimum condition for the synthesis of p-nitrobenzaldehyde was found at p-nitro benzoic acid, p-nitro benzyl alcohol molar ratio 8 : 1, using 0.040 g of the catalyst at 80oC. The product was analyzed by Gas Chromatography with FID detector. The conversion of p-nitrobezaldehyde to p-nitrobenzoic acid and p-nitrobenzyl alcohol was found to be 29.6% (p-NBA) and 8.3% (p-NBOH) form of H-Heulandite Zeolite respectively.

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