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Synthesis and characterisation of Ureido-pyrimidinone based supramolecular conducting polymer nanocomposite for fabrication of electrochemical devices

Author(s): T.V.Rajendran,V.Jaisankar*, E.K.T.Sivakumar

This paper describes the preparation and characterisation of Ureidopyrimidinone based supramolecular polymer/ferrite nanocomposites for electrochemical applications. The synthesized supramolecular polymer is blended with ferrite nanoparticles by dispersion method which is used as an energy storage material in electrochemical devices. The structural property of composite was studied by X-ray diffraction method (XRD). The structure of the repeating units in the supramolcular polymer, ferrite and nanocomposite was studied by FTIR spectroscopy. The morphology of substrate was studied by Scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The electrical conductivity measurements such as AC conductivity, dielectric constant and dielectric loss were evaluated at different frequencies (1 kHz to 1 MHz) using Electron Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS). The effect of temperature on the ionic conductivity of the nanocomposite was studied. It is observed that the ionic conductivity is maximum for supramolecular polymer nanocomposite. Further, the results showed that increase in dielectric constant as a function of frequency indicates an increase in AC conductivity.

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