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Sustainable development and the future of marine natural products in Egypt: SMIAF-Prototype project

Author(s): Mohamed Ashour Fikry Metwally

 Seas spread over 70% of the earth. The complete worldwide biodiversity is evaluated to incorporate ca. 500 × 106 types of prokaryotic and eukaryotic living beings. The marine condition is undoubtedly an incredibly different store of life, containing almost 250,000 depicted species. Among marine living beings, 3.7 × 1030 microorganisms have been found in marine situations, 99% of all microbes can't be refined however can orchestrate many captivating regular items that are potential medication leads . This exceptional compound and pharmacological extent of marine creatures could be credited for the need to deliver auxiliary metabolites as safeguard instruments to get by in outrageous situations; of temperatures, saltiness, and pressure and to oppose predators.


Since old occasions, marine greenery has been utilized for therapeutic purposes around the world: in India, China, the Close to East, and Europe. From that point till now, less than 5% of the remote ocean has been investigated, and under 0.01% of the remote ocean floor has been inspected in detail. The Caribbean wipe (Cryptotethya crypta) was the principal marine life form to be researched in detail artificially, and broad phytochemical concentrates on unadulterated mixes from this living being were performed from 1950 to 1960, preceding the ID of cytosine arabinoside (ara-C). Besides, some marine life forms, for example, micro flora (microbes, action bacteria, cyano bacteria and parasites), microalgae, macro algae (kelp) , invertebrate animals wipes, delicate corals, ocean fans, ocean rabbits, nudi branchs, bryozoans, tunicates, and so forth. Have been explored for malignant growth control. The bio-dynamic atoms sway has been assessed against different disease types in clinical preliminaries. Moreover, with the progressing headway in marine science, new devices have been utilized, e.g., metabolomics, to analyze marine items from alternate points of view.


The arrival to the nature is the fate of our planet; this sentence ought to be thought of. The eventual fate of our planet is undermined by ecological contamination, environmental change and an Earth-wide temperature boost, and furthermore the created synthetic businesses exist in all the items devoured by plants, creatures and people. The eventual fate of our planet exists in oceans and their fortunes, which have been found and finding each day, regardless of whether drugs, anti-microbials and marine regular concentrates. Among these fortunes are marine oceanic plants, particularly green growths, which are utilized as significant wellsprings of economical turn of events. In addition, green growth extricate is amazingly used as plant development controllers and characteristic natural bio fertilizers that advantage the plant and condition encompassing and furthermore advantage the creatures that feed on this plant, for example, creature and human. In this way, the logical social orders, in collaboration with the private division, ought to be coordinated towards the reasonable turn of events and return of nature and regular items. In Egypt, the logical social orders, in participation with the private division, have as of late began in this significant field, and we accomplished positive outcomes through the SMIAF-Model task and such undertakings.

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