Supramolecular theranostics goes green

Author(s): Esra Demirdogen, Fatih Mehmet EMEN

 Unsustainable life, production and consumption styles focusing on quantity and often overlooking other goals have brought environment and public health to the breaking point of today and caused many different diseases to appear while increasing incidence and prevalence of all diseases among which cancer is of major concern. World Health Organization projected the number of deaths due to cancer alone to be ~13.1 million by 2030. To a certain extent conventional chemotherapy has been successful, but poor bioavailability, high-dose requirements, adverse side effects, low therapeutic indices, development of multiple drug resistance, and non-specific targeting have been severe limitations to its success.

These limitations can be overcome via “theranostics” as it is precision medicine providing simultaneous diagnosis, targeted treatment and monitoring. Here the major actor is the drug – the therapeutic compound. Conventional applications suffer from limited effectiveness, poor bio distribution, and lack of selectivity, but developing new drug molecule is expensive and time consuming. Therefore, for to improve the safety efficacy ratio of “old” drugs by individualizing drug therapy, dose titration, and therapeutic drug monitoring nanotechnology and green chemistry provided the required formulations, which have optimal pharmacokinetic properties for in vivo applications, since their Nano size allowed them to be subject to tissue extravasations and renal clearance whereas their counterparts are quickly opsonized and removed from the bloodstream via the macrophages. Therefore, it is of great need and importance to develop new green chemistries and technologies to produce supramolecular Nano medicines by employing appropriate inorganic and organic structures as theranostic platforms.

This talk will be about development and production of smart theranostic systems with high biocompatibility, loading efficiency, circulation stability, predetermined release kinetics, targeting and monitoring of anti-tumor agents via a new green production technique: electrohydrodynamic atomization modified by pressurized green solvents. A new light switchable/controllable delivery system composed of mesoporous composite materials such as MMoO4: Eu- MCM-41-Fe2O3 capable of magnetic and luminescent properties and controlled drug release will be introduced

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