Sulfanilamide, Sulfadoxine And Sulfamethoxazole As New Spectrophotometric Reagents For The Determination Of Cardanol-An Agriculture By-Product

Author(s): Akheel Ahmed Syed, Ayesha Syeda, Narasaraju Murthy ENK

Sulfanilamide(SAA), sulfadoxine(SDX) and sulfamethoxazole(SMX), the widely used sulfa drugs are proposed as new coupling agents for the spectrophotometric determination of cardanol, a phenolic compound found in cashew nut shell liquid which is a by-product of cashew industry. The methods are based on the interaction of diazotized sulfa drugs with cardanol to produce a yellow coloured product with a maximum absorption at 415 nm. The colour developed was stable up to 24h. The methods obey Beer’s law. The methods can be successfully employed for the determination of cardanol in presence of common excipients like glucose, lactose, dextrose, starch, sodium alginate and sodium lauryl sulphate, which do not interfere in the proposed methods.

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