Substrate fortification and proximate analysis of cultivated mushroom (Pleurotu ostreatus)

Author(s): K.Ajewole, M.A.Abibu, A.A.T.Taleat

The mineral contents, fatty acid, and nutritive composition of mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus species grown on various (fortified and unfortified) substrates were analysed. The yield from unfortified and fortified substrates ranged from 40-74 g/kg, while the percentage protein content, carbohydrate, Crude fats, Moisture content, and Ash were all experimentally determined. The average valueswere 27.83%, 26.37%, 3.74%, 84.50%and 0.84% respectively. The Mineral contents of the grown mushrooms were also determined. The parameters were found to be higher than those of pulses, vegetables and meat.

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