Study on association reactions for some phenolic Schiff base derived from benzoyl acetonitrile

Author(s): A.S.P.Azzouz, R.T.Gh.AL-Abady, M.M.H.AL-Niemi

The project was started by the synthesis of four Schiff bases derived from themother compound benzoyl acetonitrile. These imineswere synthesized by a standard method using ethanol solvent. Their chemical strutuctures were confirmed previously by using chemical reagents and physical method using U.V-I.R spectra and melting point. The main aim of the project was to study the extent association of acetonitrile benzoyl o,mand p- amino phenols by spectrophotometry using a distribution method in benzene solvent. This method gave a precise and accurate values for determination of concentrations for solute in organic and water phases using partition method. Hence the degree of association(n) and the de association constant (K) for these Schiff bases could be estimated, discussed and interpreted.

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