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Study of the quenching mechanism of bovine serum albumin with presence of chloramphenicol and enrofloxacin

Author(s): Baosheng Liu*, Chunli Xue, Jing Wang, Chao Yang, Yunkai Lv

Chloramphenicol (CHL) and Enrofloxacin (EFLX) can both quench the fluorescence of bovine serum albumin (BSA) in the aqueous solution of pH=7.40. This quenching effect becomesmore significantwhen CHL and EFLX coexist. Based on this, further studies on the interactions between CHL and EFLX using fluorescence spectrum were established. The results showed that the interaction between the drugs would increase the binding stability of the drug and protein, thus reducing the amount of drugs transported to their targets. Therefore, free drug concentration at targets would decrease, reducing the efficacy of the drugs. The results also showed that the quenching mechanism of BSA by the drugs is a static procedure. The number of binding sites is 1 in various systems. Studies utilizing synchronous spectra showed that the interaction between the drugs would affect the conformation of BSA, making protein molecules extend and decreasing their hydrophobicity.

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