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Study of the combination reaction between kanamycin sulfate and bovine serum albumin with Eosin Y as a fluorescence probe

Author(s): Ying Guo, Baosheng Liu, Zhiyun Li, Lihui Zhang, Yukai Lu

After the reaction of Bovine serum albumin and Kanamycin sulfate, the fluorescence intensity of Bovine serum albumin has no obvious change, so there is no way to directly research Kanamycin sulfate and Bovine serum albumin binding reaction with fluorescence spectrometry. This article study the combination of Kanamycin sulfate and Bovine serumalbumin with Eosin Y as a fluorescence probe, using the method of fluorescence spectrum. Research has shown that after adding Kanamycin sulfate to the Bovine serumalbumin and Eosin Y system, the fluorescence intensity of Bovine serum albumin has recoveried. So it can be concluded that Kanamycin sulfate specifically binds to Bovine serum albumin, and it determine the binding site on sub-domain IIA(site I) ofKanamycin sulfate and Bovine serumalbumin.

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