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Study of the Catalytic Activity of the Faujasite from Natural Clinker and Pumice

Author(s): Jimenez E*, Paucar A, and Herrera P

The physical properties of faujasite obtained from natural black, red clinker and pumice were studied for subsequent replacement in base catalysts of zeolite type Y. To this end, sodium hydroxide was added as an alkaline activator to each of the raw materials. The resulting product was calcined and dissolved in distilled water, then transferred to a reactor where it was allowed to time for 24 hours and subjected to a hydrothermal treatment at 80°C for 12 hours. For the physical characterization, X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, particle size, TGA thermogravimetry and BET surface area using the Canonical Monte Carlo method were used to simulate the crystal structure of a theoretical faujasite, obtaining the BET that was compared with him of the experimental faujasite. The experimental results showed us that the zeolite obtained corresponds to faujasite and the crystallization of this one is directly proportional to the time of hydrothermal treatment. Finally, faujasite with a high content of amorphous material was obtained, despite its low proportion of crystal formation, its catalytic activity is reflected in its active centers that were quantified in a thermogravimetry balance.

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