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Study of Link Protection Mechanism Using Visible Light Communication for Smart Industry

Author(s): R. Pathamuthu*, Shantkar, Vikash Kumar and Vivek Kumar

A protective connection technique that operates efficiently with wireless and visible light communication is proposed here to achieve reliability and performance in industrial communication network. It is considered implementing this technique in industries, wireless area, and Ethernet. In recent years, wireless networks and applications have attained peak success in private, governmental, business homes, and personal area communication. The useful features of this communications attract more attention to the industrial communication and expected to bring benefits such as reduction of usage and maintenance. However, the industrial communication systems require accurate real-time industrial motion control system in industries control and rapid communication. In this application, the systems working condition and efficiency are evaluated to ensure its applications in the industrial network. However, in the wireless communication, fading, multipath propagation and interference problem issues change the industrial communication system operation and reliability.

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