Studies on the antimicrobial potential of Hygrophylla spinosa (Acanthaceae)

Author(s): J.K.Das, P.Chatterjee, Md.Azaharruddin, A.Mondal, N.Sarkar, S.Adhikary, C.C.Kandar, S.Choudhury

Hygrophylla spinosa is used widely in ayurveda to treat a number of ailments; it is also used as vegetable in the study area and is also used in the folk medicine of different casts and tribes in the vicinity of the study area. In our present work, we have investigated the basic phytochemical profile of the plant along with its antimicrobial potential. The plant extract showed significant antimicrobial activity as compared with standard ciprofloxacin. The preliminary phytochemical screening showed the presence of glycoside, alkaloid, phenolic compounds, proteins, tannins etc. in the extracts tested.

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