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Studies Of Effect Of Pressure On Electrical Conductivity Of Non-Stochiometry Cuprous Bromide In Solid State

Author(s): Dr. Vimalesh Kumar Singh

The electrical conductivity (d.c.) of the solid CuBr with a definite stoichiometry was determined employing cell configuration Cu / CuBr / Cu over an extensive range of pressure which allowed us to obtain the detail runs of conductivity, including the phase transformations: γ-CuBr ↔β-CuBr and β--CuBr ⇔ α-CuBr. Conductivity decreases with increases in concentration of bromide in CuBr lattice. Conductivity of CuBr, CuBr1.0018 and CuBr1.0037 are increases with increasing thickness as well as pressure. The increasing of conductivity (σ) with thickness is surprising. With available information we suggest that lower conductivity of stacked pellet of the same thickness is due to larger contact resistance in stacked pellet.

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