Structure, electrical resistivity and knight shift of lithium based liquid alkali-alkali binary alloys: HFP technique

Author(s): Abhay Kumar, M.M.Khan, S.M.Rafique*, Ravi S.Pd.

In the present paper the partial liquid structure factors Sij(k) and the total structure factor S(k) of lithiumbased alkali-alkali binary alloys have been computed on the lines ofAshcroft and Langreth[1] and Enderby and North[2] on the basis of Percus-Yevik hard sphere system for the equiatomic combination. The electrical resistivity R(cm) has been computed through Faber-Ziman formalism[3,6] and theKnight shift has been computed through Pake’s formalism[4] which has been extended to the alloys on the lines of Faber-Ziman formalism. Reasonable agreement with the ideal value of obtained through the experimental data has been obtained. The form factor w(k,q) needed for the computation of these properties has been obtained through the Harrison’s First Principle (HFP) pseudopotential technique[ 5]which has been successfully used for the theoretical study of the variety of physical properties of metals and alloys.

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