Structural characterization and oxide ionic conductivity of new silicate oxyapatite La9.13Bi0.2(SiO4)6O2

Author(s): Mohamed Abbassi, Riadh Ternane, Malika Trabelsl-Ayadi, Jesus Sanz

New bismuth oxyapatite La9.13Bi0.2(SiO4)6O2 has prepared by the solidstate reaction. X-ray diffraction, FTIR spectroscopy, Raman scattering spectroscopy and SEM-EDS techniques have been used in the characterization of this sample. The average crystalline size has been calculated using the Scherrer formula and it is found to be ~37 nm. Impedance analysis indicated the negative temperature coefficient of resistance (NTCR) behaviour of La9.13Bi0.2(SiO4)6O2. The ionic conductivity is equal to 1.46×10-4 S.cm-1 at 973 K with activation energy of 0.84 eV.

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