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Strength Assessment of Geopolymer Concrete Using M-Sand

Author(s): S. Nagajothi and S. Elavenil

The production of Ordinary Portland cement and the usage of normal river sand are increased due to the demand of concrete in construction Industries. The emission of Co2 increases during the production of cement and at the same time the availability of river sand is also becoming costlier and scarcity due to illegal dredging of river sand. The main intension of this research paper is to focus the eco friendly alternative material for the cement and river sand. The Geopolymer concrete material having low calcium fly ash is an inorganic non metallic alternative material for cement and manufactured sand an alternative for river sand. Concrete mix design of G30 was done based on Indian standard code (IS 10262) and modified guidelines. Concrete cubes and cylindrical specimens were tested for evolving the compressive strength and split tensile strength by varying the percentage of M-sand in Geopolymer concrete. The percentage replacement of M-sand in Geopolymer concrete is assessed from the results.

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