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Stimulating Methods for Promoting Catalytic Resonance in Catalytic Mechanics of Dynamic Surfaces

Author(s): Olivia Smith

Catalysts that vary on the time scale of catalytic turnover frequency can provide transformational catalytic performance in rate and selectivity. Dynamic catalysts are characterized in this paper in the context and history of forced and passive dynamic chemical systems, with distinct catalytic behaviors classified using temporally relevant linear scaling factors. Modifying the local electronic or steric environment of the active site to independently accelerate successive elementary stages of an overall catalytic cycle is defined as the circumstances leading to catalytic rate and selectivity enhancement. These ideas apply to physical systems and devices that use light, vibrations, strain, and electrical manipulations to excite a catalyst, such as electro catalysis, back-gating of catalyst surfaces, and introducing surface electric fields via solid electrolytes and ferroelectrics. The efficacy of these catalytic stimuli to increase catalysis across some of the most critical chemical problems for energy, materials, and sustainability is then compared.
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