Sporting aptitudes in rat as affected by Solanumaethiopicum Shum fruits consumption

Author(s): Valentin Désiré Guiama, Esther Ngah, Juliette Koubé, JeanMarcel Bindzi, Antoine Djakaya, Sanda Tekdé, Elizabeth Ngo-Bum

The consumption of performance-enhancing substances is not a novel practice. In Southern Cameroon, Solanum aethiopicum Shum fruit is consumed as ergogenic aid product. Animal experiment was carried out to evaluate the effect of the S. aethiopicum Shum fruit on physical performance in rat using rotating rod. The study showed a significantly higher water and food intakes in rats fed with S. aethiopicum Shum fruit during training period, while lower body weight was observed in these animals. Sporting abilities (speed and endurance) significantly increased,while tiredness decreased in rats fed diet containing S. aethiopicum Shum fruit compared to the control. The mass of faeces decreased during exercise in rats fed diet containing S. aethiopicum Shumfruits in comparisonwith control, indicating the improvement of their psychological state. Therefore, the results of this study suggest that the consumption of S. aethiopicum Shum fruits might have a beneficial effect on physical performance.

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