Solvent effect on antioxidant activity of Chinese ginger extracts to fats and oils

Author(s): Yu Jie, Zheng Maosheng

Six solutions are employed to extract the effective antioxidant component from Chinese ginger, the antioxidant activity of the extracts to lard and bean oil is studied. The ginger employed here is fromHu county of Shaanxi province China. Orthogonal experiment L9(33) is designed and conducted to study the effect of preparation factors on the antioxidant activity of the extracts. The experimental results indicate that the antioxidant activity of the extract increases with the polarity of the extracting solvent; the antioxidant component extracted fromthe ginger in 80%ethanol solution with the ratio of ginger to solution of 1:12 at 50°C for 4 hour exhibits excellent antioxidant activity to lard;microwave extraction is very effective method for enhancing the extraction.

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