Solubility and conductivity study of Li-Picrate in (PC+THF) mixture in different temperature

Author(s): Ashoke Hazra

Present report describe the preparation, solubility and conductivity study of Li-Picrate in different pecntage of propylene carbonate (PC) and tetrahydro furan (THF)mixture. Fromsupported by absorbance data this primary study itmay be concluded that roomtemperature solubility of Li- Picrate inmixed (PC+THF) solvents at different percentage is higher than the higher temperatures. Conductivity data helps us to concluded that if we go fromroomtemperature to higher temperature conductance increases for Li-Picrate in (PC+THF) solvents at different percentage. It is due to the switch over of ion-pair to ionic dissociation of Li-Picrate salt.

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