Separation and Characterization of Anthraquinone Derivatives from Cassia Fistula using Chromatographic and Spectral Techniques

Author(s): Jignasu P. Mehta

Present study involves characteristic evaluation of medicinally important ingredients such as anthraquinone derivatives from Cassia Family. Cassia family is well-known source of anthraquinone glycosides and its derivatives in the various parts of plants. A simple high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method was developed and validated for the determination of three anthraquinone derivatives (rhein, emodin and chrysophanic acid) in the extracts from Cassia fistula. The extracts were analyzed on C-18 column isocratic mobile phase in HPLC equipped with UV detector at 254 nm. The identification of each analyte was performed by use of standards. The limits of detection obtained for the analyte were in the range of 2.5-15 μg/mL. All three components present in the extracts of cassia fistula were also characterized by the 1H-NMR and mass spectroscopic analysis

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