Seasonal dynamics of alkaloids of Genista tinctoria L. growing at the Southern Ural Region

Author(s): Inna P.Tsypysheva, Polina R.Petrova, Irina P.Baykova, Eugeniy G.Galkin, Nikolay I.Fedorov, Fanur Z.Galin, Marat S.Yunusov

The seasonal dynamics of alkaloids of the aerial part ofGenista tinctoria L. growing in the forest-steppe zone of the Bashkortostan Republic (Southern Ural region) was investigated by GC/MS. It was shown, that the content of quinolizidine alkaloids is maximal in the branches of the flowering period. Two alkaloids - baptifoline and ()-cytisine are the major components of the total alkaloids of this plant.

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