Scope of non conventional energy by formation of hydrogen fuel cell through utilization of microorganisms

Author(s): Subir Paul

Solar energy conversions through the use of photosynthetic microorganisms do not incorporate the use of complex systems or large quantities of factorymanufactured products, and indeed have relatively minimal investment and resource requirements. Additionally, these technologies are largely dependent on the use of renewable resources, thereby generating minimal amounts of waste.Although large amounts of solar energy are irradiated to the earth’s surface, their actual utilization is pretty less. Algae-baceria biomass, small primitive green plants which abundantly grow in or near aqueous environment and are otherwise notorius and main culprits for causing microbial corrosion of steel structure can produce Hydrogen using sunlight in presence of bacteria during metabolism. Hydrogen thus generated can be utilized in fuel cell where about 548W.h energy can be obtained out of a liter tank of hydrogen. Thus it would be a novel idea to utilize algae to create energy and simultaneously purifying the global environment by fixing CO2 cycle of the biosphere.

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