RSM-CCD optimized synthesis of chitosan and gelatin-based HPNs containing ATL- β-CD inclusion complexes as controlled drug delivery systems

Author(s): Rajeev Jindal

The present study proposes the synthesis and optimization of pH responsive hybrid polymer network, consisting of chitosan, gelatine cross-linked by glutaraldehyde under microwave conditions. Different reaction parameters like backbone ratio, amount of solvent, pH, the time, the temperature of reaction mixture and concentration of cross-linker were optimized with response surface methodology in order to maximize the percentage swelling. ANOVA model fits were made for the data and gave the linear model as the best fit with a predicted R2 = 0.9747. The maximum desirability was found at pH = 7 with the percentage swelling of 508.061%. Poor loading of drug in traditional drug delivery is improved by incorporating preformed inclusion complex of Atenolol with β-cyclodextrin (1:1) under microwave conditions directly into the HPN matrix. Further, HPN matrix was explored for the in situ controlled release of ATL under different pH conditions at 37° C. ATL release showed the best fit to the Ritger-Peppas and Peppas-Sahlin equation. Thus HPN prepared by using RSM design is a good device to deliver the ATL in a controlled manner.

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