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Controlled Release

Controlled drug delivery (CDD) formulations are one among the favored tools for the lifecycle management of pharmaceutical products. Typically, a drug that's initially launched as multiple daily doses of an immediate-release (IR) product is reformulated into a once-daily modified-release product, simplifying dosing regimens while retaining efficacy and potentially improving its safety profile. CDD formulations have many benefits, including extending the duration of effect, reducing toxicity that results from a high peak in plasma concentration, minimizing fluctuations in plasma concentration, and targeting drug release at a selected site within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Drugs with rapid clearance and short half-lives may require multiple daily doses and present adherence issues. Reducing frequency to once or twice daily dosing can cause better patient adherence and acceptance. The Journal of Controlled Release (JCR) publishes high-quality research articles in the broad field of delivery science and technology. This includes drug delivery systems and all aspects of formulations, such as physicochemical and biological properties of drugs, design and characterization of dosage forms, release mechanisms, in vivo testing, and formulation research and development in the disciplines of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, agricultural, environmental, cosmetic, and food industries.  

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