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Research on Simultaneous Electrochemical Oxidation-Assisted Polishing of Reaction-Sintered Silicon Carbide by Ceria Slurry

Author(s): Shen XM1*, Peng K1, Zhang X1, Yin Q1 and Yamamura K2*

Electrochemical oxidation is introduced in the machining of reaction-sintered silicon carbide (RS-SiC) ceramic by combination with abrasive polishing. Through treating the ceria slurry as the electrolyte and the abrasive, the simultaneous electrochemical oxidation-assisted polishing (S-EOAP) can be realized, which can obtain high material removal rate (MRR) and smooth surface quality at the same time. The S-EOAP experiments were conducted in 8 groups with different conditions. The polished RS-SiC samples were detected by scanning white light interferometer (SWLI) to evaluate the surface quality, and further investigated by the scanning electron microscope (SEM) to analyse morphologies of the polished surface. The experimental results indicate that surface qualities of the polished sample are determined by the cooperation of oxidation potential, slurry concentration, and load. The study on S-EOAP can improve the process level of RS-SiC samples and promote the application of RS-SiC products.

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