Removal of Phenol from Wastewater Using Tamarind Nut and Commercial Activated Carbons

Author(s): P. Ashok Kumar and G. Prashanti

Many harmful compounds from chemical plants are released in waters continuously and at the same time, many solid by products are deposited onto the soil. Removal of these toxic compounds from waters is essential from the standpoint of environmental pollution control. Among the toxic compounds, that are released into the environment, phenol is one of the harmful organic compounds. Among the solid wastes that are release into the soil, can be utilized further are agricultural wastes. Value added product like activated carbon can be obtained from wastes like coconut shell, date seeds, tamarind nuts etc. This work deals with preparation of tamarind nut activated carbon and removal of phenol using this activated carbon. Comparative studies are made on the adsorption capacities of tamarind nut activated carbon and commercially available activated carbon. The effects of variables like adsorbent dosage, temperature and time on removal of phenol were studied.

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