Refractive indices, surface tension and excess properties of hydroxamic acids in acetone-water at 303.15K and 313.15K

Author(s): Ajita Dixit, Ram Prakash Rajwade, Rama Pande*

The densities, , refractive indices, n, and surface tensions, , of hydroxamic acids were measured as a function of their concentration in 50%(v/v) acetone-water at 303.15K and 313.15K. The experimental data are used to calculate parameters like apparentmolar volume, partialmolar volume at infinite dilution, molar refraction, polarizability and parachor. The deviation of refractive indices, molar refraction and surface tension are also calculated and reported. The data are discussed in terms solutesolvent interactions and hydroxamic acids acts as structure-maker in present system.

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