Quantitative estimation of wedelolactone in Eclipta alba hask using high performance liquid chromatography

Author(s): Purnima Hamrapurkar, Manasi Chachad, Mitesh Phale

Wedelolactone is a characterizing compound present in the plant Eclipta alba, used in viral hepatitis, liver diseases, skin and hair care. A simple, accurate and sensitive HPLC method was developed for estimation of wedelolactone, a furanocoumarin present as a major active constituent in the plant Eclipta alba. The chromatographic separation was carried out on RP C18 (Waters) column (2504.6 mm, 10m) using an isocratic mobile phase,Acetonitrile:Water (35:65%v/v) pumped at a flowrate of 1ml/min. The eluentwasmonitored at 351 nm. Themethod is specific and linear over the range of 300 ng/ml to 1500 ng/ml. The method was statistically validated for precision, accuracy, robustness and recovery. The HPLCmethod can be applied for identification and quantitation ofwedelolactone in herbal extracts of Eclipta alba.

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