Proximate composition and nutritive evaluation of helianthus annuus(sunflower seed)

Author(s): C.Enyeribe, J.Obadahun, O.B.Agho,A.I.Okele

The continuous increase in population growth, inadequate supply of protein and a harsh economic situation has led to malnutrition among people in developing countries including Nigeria. Therefore, information on new sources of food will be of value in dealing with the problem. Proximate and chemical composition of pulverized Helianthus annuus seeds has been determined. The dried matured seeds were obtained from Institute for Agricultural Research, (IAR)Ahmadu Bello University Samaru, Zaria. The methods of AOAC (1980) and Dutcher, et al; (1951) were used in this work. The extraction of the Helianthus annuus oil was extracted using nhexane at 60ºC using 30g of the pulverized Helianthus annuus seeds. Results from the analyses show that carbohydrate (39.40%), protein (28.28%) and lipid (19.80%) are the major nutrients. Other which were present in lower percentages or minor constituents include moisture (5.03%), ash (4.02%) and crude fibre (3.50%). Results from chemical characterization of the oil showed saponification value of 184.12 mgKOH/ g, acid value of 5.89 mgKOH/g, iodine value of 127.75 g/100g oil and peroxide value of 1.61 meq/ Kg oil. Thus from this findings Helianthus annuus seeds can be adopted in both human and animal nutrients diets as a supplement.

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