Proximate analysis of beninseed: Chemical compositions and fatty acid profile.

Author(s): Ajewole K.Abibu, A.A.T.Taleat

Five Samples of Beniseed (Sesame indiucum) were analysed for its proximate composition. The parametrs and the range of thier values are:Moisture Content 6.5-6.8; Fat Content 46.75-47.12; Crude Protein 24.94-25.00; Ash Content 5.80-5.78; and Carbohydrate Content 28.28-27.88%respectively. Fe, Na and Mn were the most abuundant minerals. Other minerals determined are Cu, Zn,Mg, Ca, K, and P. The major fatty acids of the seed oil include Linoleic (29.30%), Linolenic (20.30%) andOleic acids (14.41%) which are unsaturated; and Palmitic (23.56%), a stturated fatty acid. The essential fatty acid content was higher than those found in some other pulses.

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