Protective role of centella asiatica l. Extract against the genotoxic damage induced by megestrol acetate

Author(s): Yasir Hasan Siddique, Gulshan Ara, Tanveer Beg, Mohammad Afzal

The genotoxicity study of megestrol acetate (MGA) was carried out on human lymphocytes using chromosomal aberrations (CA), mitotic index (MI) and sister chromatid exchanges (SCEs) as parameters. The effect of MGA was studied at 5, 10, 20 and 30 µM of the culture medium. MGA was found to be genotoxic at 20 and 30 µM. The treatment of 30 µM of MGA with 1.075×10-4, 2.125×10-4 and 3.15×10-4 g/ml of Centella asiatica extract results in the significant reduction in CAs, MI and SCEs, suggesting a protective role of C.asiatica extract, during the megestrol acetate therapy.

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