Production of Biodiesel From Spent Coffee Grounds By Transertification and its Byproducts as Fuel Additives

Author(s): Chandan Jyoti Patra*, P. Kumaran, R. Praveen and A. Senthil Kumar

With the rapid increment in demand of energy, precise emissions standard and with the depletion of petroleum reserves and oil resources worldwide, it necessitates the researchers to search an alternative fuel for the fossil fuel. Biofuel is the most trusted, renewable one and is biologically degradable fuel which reduces the emission of exhaust gases. The biofuel is extracted from the lipids of plants and animals. This paper cites a brief review about using spent coffee ground for the production of biodiesel and can be used for the running of IC Engines. The spent coffee ground is also used as fertiliser to improve the fertility of the soil.

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