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Principal Component Analysis Of Heliantheae (Asteraceae) Sensu Stuessy And Karis and Ryding Based On Chemical Data

Author(s): Vicente P. Emerenciano, Marcelo J.P.Ferreira, Karina O.Barbosa, Marcus T.Scotti, Mara Magenta, Ricardo Stefani

This paper shows some congruencies and incongruencies between the chemical data and morphological analysis of the Heliantheae tribe sensu Stuessy and Karis and Ryding. The chemical data were obtained from a database containing information about monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, sesquiterpene lactones, diterpenes, triterpenes, flavonoids, polyacetylenes, coumarins, benzofuranes and benzopyranes isolated from the species of the tribe. The number of occurrences of these secondary metabolites were standardized and analysed using the principal component analysis. The importance of the chemical data to the understanding of the position of the subtribes is discussed on the basis of two main botanical classifications.

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