Preliminary studies on in vitro sntifungal activity of citrus peel distillates

Author(s): T.R.Prashith Kekuda, Meera B.Aiyar, T.R.Rohini, K.V.Nayana, D.Swathi

The citrus peel essential oils are themost versatile essential oils. The present paper describes the antifungal activity of steam distillates of peels of different citrus fruits namely Citrus limetta, C.sinensis and C.limon. A simple laboratory apparatus has been employed to get steam distillate and the distillate thus obtained was subjected to antifungal activity against Aspergillus species by poison food technique. The results revealed that the steam distillates of C.sinensis and C.limetta were potent enough to inhibit the growth of test fungi while lemon distillate was ineffective against test fungi. Lack of efficacy of C.limon distillate could be due to low concentration of compound in the distillate.Among distillates tested, C.limetta distillate was found to be superior to other distillates. The results are in justification with the antimicrobial activity of essential oils of citrus peel being considered as a waste in citrus industries.

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