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Preference, Future Thoughts and Directions Regarding Home Meal Replacement

Author(s): Hyung Woo Koo, Kyo Keun Koo and Eun-Soo Park*

To be used in new product development, perceptions, future thoughts and directions for home meal replacement were investigated. The subjects of this study were Koreans in their teens to 70’s or older, and a survey was conducted regardless of the region. Owing to Korea's advanced food delivery system, it was expected that many people would choose delivery food when dining alone. However, contrary to expectations, 44.4% of the respondents chose HMR. Delivery food accounted for 32.4%, and instant food accounted for 13.3%. The meal kit showed the lowest value of 9.9%. As a result, the most desired HMR was identified as a product that could learn simple cooking.

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