Porous anodic alumina film formation in oxalic and phosphoric acid solutions and their photoluminescence properties

Author(s): Naveen Kumar*, Krishan Chander Singh, Hariom, Jitender

The porous anodic alumina (PAA) filmhas been fabricated in oxalic acid, phosphoric acid solutions and as a sequence in both one after other. The photoluminescence (PL) and morphological properties were studied. The porous filmswere formed in both oxalic acid and phosphoric acid electrolytes and found to be more ordered array of pores of filmformed in oxalic acid. The PL intensity of PAAmembrane prepared in oxalic acid is much higher than that in phosphoric acid. The maxima of PL peaks reveal the presence of different luminescent centre in film formed in oxalic acid and phosphoric acid. The PL peaks were attributed to oxalic acid impurities incorporated and F+ centers in the film formed in oxalic acid. F centers were considered for the origin of PL in filmformed in phosphoric acid.

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