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Pollution by heavy metals of sediments of nine water sources of Tyikomiyne region, watershed of Guir (Eastern Morocco).

Author(s): H.Taouil, S.Ibn Ahmed, A.El Assyry, M.Fadli, N.Hajjaji, A.Srhiri

Water of sources in watersheds is used for drinking and irrigation. But the geological nature of soil in this region promotes a contamination by metallic trace elements such as Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Pb, Cr, Co, Ni and Cd found in that region. So, the objective of this work is to determine the environmental impact of these trace elements in assessment of the sediment quality of nine sources in Tyikomiyne, a eastern geographical region of the watershed of “Guir “(Morocco). The spatial variation of contents in trace heavy metals were evaluated in in superficial and profound sediments of nine sources in Tiykomiyne, region of Talssint (East of Morocco). A diagnosis of the current situation of the metal pollution of the sediment is necessary to judge the quality of the water and of its impact on the environment. Results have showed that the deep sediments accumulate more Fe, Mn, Ni and Cr and the decreasing succession of concentrations of studied metals is as following: Fe>Pb>Mn>Zn>Cu>Cr>Ni>Co. In addition, the concentrations of the iron, manganese and lead are above of the norms fixed for the drinking water but levels of these concentrations remain below of the standard of the water irrigation. The high levels of these three metals could be explained by the effect of regional geological context.

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