Polarographic Study of Mixed Ligand Complexes of Pb (II) and Tl (I) with Thioglycerol and Some Amino Acids in Aqueous-DMSO Medium

Author(s): Anju Agrawal and Tejinder Kaur

The mixed ligand complexes of Pb (II) and Tl (I) with thioglycerol (TG) and some amino acids (Glutamic Acid/Aspargine/Glycine/L-methionine) in 20% dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) have been investigated at the dropping mercury electrode (DME) at constant ionic strength KNO 3 (μ = 1.0 M) and 303 ± 2K temperature. Triton X-100, (0.002%) was used as maximum suppressor. The mixed ligand complexes of Pb (II) and Tl (I) were found to be re versible and diffusion co ntrolled, involving two electrons [Pb (II)] and one electron [Tl (I)]. It was found that only a single mixed ligand entity MA i X j is formed. The stability constants have been evaluated by Souchay and Faucherre’s method.

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