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Polarographic Study and Thermodynamic Parameters of Bioinorganic [Zn (II)-Antibiotics-Phenacetin] Ternary System

Author(s): Amul Kumar Kesharwani*, Farid Khan

Thermodynamic parameters viz. enthalphy change (ΔH), free energy(ΔG) and entropy change (ΔS) and kinetic parameters such as transfer coefficient (α), degree of irreversibility (λ), diffusion coefficient (D) and standard rate constant (κ) and stability constants (logβ) of Zn(II) complexes with neomycin, chlortetracyclin, oxytetracyclin, tetracyclin, penicillin-V and penicillin-G as primary ligands and phenacetin as secondary ligand were determined polarographically at pH = 7.30 ± 0.01 and an ionic strength of µ = 1.0 M NaClO at 25°C. The study showed that the complexes are not stable at higher temperature.

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