Physico-Chemical Standardization Of Brahmi Vati An Ayurvedic Polyherbomineral Formulation

Author(s): K.L.Krishna, M.Paridhavi, S.S.Agrawal

Brahmi vati is an ayurvedic polyherbomineral formulation commonly used as memory enhancer and as a anti epileptic agent. The standardization (Physico-chemical ) was carried out according to the parameters laid down by the department of ISM & H. The physico-chemical parameters like ash values, extractive values of different solvent system, loss on drying, fluorescence and sieve analysis were done. Qualitative analysis of different phytochemicals present in the formulation and TLC profiles of the formulation in variuos solvent system were also recorded. In this study an effort was put to fix the standards for commonly used polyhermomineral formulation, which can be utilised in quality control of the formulation.

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