Physico-chemical characterstics, proximate analysis and total phenolic content of Cassia fistula bark

Author(s): Rishi Kumar Shukla, Anirudh Porval, Deepak Painuly, Abha Shukla

To investigate the medicinal value of Cassia fistula Linn., bark nutritive value, proximate analysis, total phenols concentration and various characteristics has been determined. The bark of Cassia fistula contain moisture content 7.760±0.49 which is under in acceptable limit, total carbohydrate content found 72.476±0.48, it also having good content of crude fiber and crude protein as 32.263±0.749 and 4.889±0.174, bark of Cassia fistula is great source of energy for plant as it contain high quantity of nutritive value (332.654±3.19 Kcal/100 g). Total ash found 12.297±0.01 inwhich 6.688±0.04 is acid insoluble ash while 0.716±0.02 is water soluble ash.Alcohol soluble extractive value 10.036±0.29 shows that most of the phytoconstituent are extracted by alcohol. The extraction of bark is performed by various solvent in soxhlet extractor. High acid value obtained in acetone and ethanol extract as 560.728±0.45 and 448.207±1.87 respectively which is responsible for high Saponification value 618.694±1.54, 661.211±1.05. Excellence iodine value 116.389±1.15 is obtained in diethyl ether extract. The concentration of total phenols is calculated by Folin- Ciocalteu method. Diethyl ether shows excellence concentration 101.585±0.07µg/ml of total phenols while acetone and ethanol extract having appreciable total Phenolic concentration (72.228±0.07µg/ml and 53.085±0.07µg/ml).

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