Physicochemical characteristics and quality analysis of commercial honeys of Apis mellifera produced by artisanal beekeepers in Corrientes (Argentina)

Author(s): Hugo G.Lancelle, Diana C.Fechner, Adriana L.Moresi, Ofelia M.Armua, Nancy M.Badan, Francisco A.Vazquez

Artisanal honeys of Apis mellifera produced in Corrientes province (Argentina) for local and international markets, were characterized on the basis of their chemical and physical properties. One hundred sixty (160) honey samples from harvests for three years were analyzed for quality according to the national regulatory norms (Argentine Food Code, CAA) and international standards (GMCMercosur; CodexAlimentarius, FAO). The ranges and mean obtained values of the analysis of free acidity, pH, moisture content, electrical conductivity, hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), proline, reducing sugars, apparent sucrose, diastase activity, color, insoluble solids and ash were examined. The values obtained for the properties of most of the honey analyzed were in agreement with international specifications for blossom honeys of a good quality.

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