Physicochemical and functional properties of flour from dehulled white African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis sternocarpa) grown in Anambra state, Nigeria

Author(s): Olawuni Ijeoma, Osobie C.Charles, Peter-Ikechukwu Anne, Kabuo O.Ngozi, Bede N.Evelyn, Odimegwu Nkiru

The physical, proximate and functional properties of white variety ofAfricanYamBean grown inAnambra state, Nigeria were studied. The average seed weight was obtained as 0.13+0.01g, while the size was about 0.70 X 0.48 X 0.38mm. Result of the proximate analysis of the dehulled flour of African Yam Bean seeds showed the percentage of moisture, protein, fat, crude fiber, ash and carbohydrate contents to be 8.50%, 22.48%, 1.50%, 2.44%, 3.43% and 61.65% in that order. Functional properties were also analyzed and the results for the water and oil absorption capacities were 1.18ml/g and 0.08ml/g respectively. Also the swelling index, wettability, bulk density, emulsion capacity, gelling point and boiling pointwere 2.25ml, 44.6 seconds, 0.89ml/g, 2.3ml/g, 520Cand 64oCrespectively.Overall acceptability of the flour was quite high, and ultimately, result showed thatAfrican Yam Bean has properties that could be of use in food formulation systems.

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