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Physical Properties and Phase Solubility Studies of Sulfadiazine Schiff Bases Inclusion Complexes with β-Cyclodextrine

Author(s): Jabbar Saleh Hadi* and Noor Ali Abdul Alrazaq

A novel inclusion Complex of Sulfadiazine Schiff bases with βCyclodextrine were Prepared , the formation of inclusion Complexes has been studied by IR ,HNMR ,SEM and XRD methods , The improvement of Solubility of Schiff bases and the 1:1 stoichiometry of the Complexes was Confirmed followed Higuchi and Connors method . The amorphous nature of the resulting inclusion Complexes were confirmed by SEM and XRD . The crystallite size of Schiff bases and the corresponding inclusion complexes were determined using Willamson –Hall method

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