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Physical, chemical and metallic characteristics of the dredging sand extracted in estuary of the Sebou river (Morocco).

Author(s): M.Izougarhane, L.El Harrak, K.Houri, H.El Ibaoui, S.Chakiri, A.Essamri, M.Fadli

Estuary Sebou is one of the most important inMorocco. It is located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco (34 ° 10N, 6 ° 39W) 10 km from the city of Kenitra, and it is the onlyMoroccan estuary having a port complex.Within the framework of its maintains, the estuary undergoes dredgings. The extract sand is marketed for different purposes without giving importance to its pollution including bymetallic elements. This work focuses on the study of some physico-chemical characteristics and the concentration of some metallic elements in the sediment that are extracted of the estuary and used as marketable sand. The results showed that this sediment has a high concentration of nitrate and ammonium orthophosphates. Concentrations of Chromium, Copper and lead are higher than those observed in otherAfrican estuaries or bays. Thus, dredging sand, while facilitating the navigation at the mouth, has an impact on the marine ecosystem by resuspending metallic elements, organic matter, and chemicals such as phosphates and nitrates fixed on the dredged sediment. So, for any use of sand from the estuary we must take account of metallic, organic and physico-chemical characteristics of this substance.

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